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Who are we?

While our name is a bit of an inside joke, we are serious about how much we enjoy square dancing and we’d love a chance to show you why.

Some of us have been doing this since 1995 when the club was founded and some of us have only just begun to learn. We’re a mixed bag of people from all ages and backgrounds who share a common love of dancing and the camaraderie that brings us together week after week.

Women Square Dancing
Dancers diving through an arch

What do we do?

The Ottawa Date Squares is an LGBTQ+ square dance club that teaches a brand of high energy dance moves set to modern music. While the moves are the same, it’s not quite what your grandparents are dancing and yet if you learn to dance with us you’ll be able to dance with them too. Pretty cool huh?

By the way, the ‘+’ in LGBTQ+ is for our straight allies. Not all of our dancers are from the LGBTQ community and welcome everyone in our group. We want to be a place where everyone can feel free to be themselves and be as fabulous as they want to be.

How can I be a part of this?

Want to join in the fun? Drop in to any of our weekly classes and we’ll be happy to show you a few dance moves so you can get a taste of what square dancing is like.

New classes start every few months and we hold periodic free intros where you can try your hand at it with no commitment necessary.

We welcome visitors any dance night if you already know the dance program. The cost is $10 per night.

We have recently launched a new dance program called Social Square Dancing which brings new dancers up to speed faster so you can sort out your “two left feet” in no time!

Want to learn more about us and about our special brand of “gay square dancing”? Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to see where we dance and when you can join us.

Square dance couples in a star formation

Where's the Dance

The new Social Square Dancing semester has begun! Welcome to those who have joined us. If you missed your chance to start this semester you’ll get a chance to join us when we start another new class in September.

See you on the dance floor!

Ottawa Date Squares Store

Visit our online store if you’d like to purchase a club t-shirt or name badge. Note that these items are only available for pickup at class.

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