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All About the Date Squares

Where and when we dance…

The Ottawa Date Squares are currently not dancing due to the pandemic but we are hosting periodic online video chats and attending virtual square dance events that are being offered online.

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How much?

As little as possible! Seriously we’re a non-profit group – we just pay for the caller and the hall rental – so we charge only $7 per evening in addition to a yearly membership fee of $20 which is used to help administer the club. This membership fee includes your first club name badge at no cost.

Do I need special clothes?

No way! Our club — as with all gay square dance clubs — has no dress code or restrictions. We recommend bringing comfortable shoes but the rest of your attire is entirely up to you. We don’t typically dress up unless we’re attending a special event.

Just old country music eh?

No way!  All sorts of varied music! It just depends on what the caller feels like playing.  Usually there’s a mixture – rock, pop, country, oldies – whatever.

What if I make a mistake while dancing?

You will. Everyone does. We’re about having fun. We just laugh it off and start over. It’s part of learning a new skill. But when you finally master a dance call and you can dance a full dance without anyone making mistakes, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing!

Structure of the evening

Some people bring a snack to share, but there is no obligation to do so. There is dancing with instructions for new moves. There are breaks between dancing for snacking and socializing. Then more dancing and instruction. Some dances will be “called” and others “sung”. Because there are dancers of various levels some dancing will be at different levels throughout the night. You simply join in when the caller is calling your level.


We generally dance from September to May and break for the summer. We often recruit new members in late August or early September. If you’re interested in joining us to learn to square dance, watch this web site or follow us on Facebook to find out when our next intro night is.

Caller: Mark Benoit

President: Jean-Marc
Treasurer: Kitt
Membership: Chris
Secretary: Bill