Upcoming Events

Check out our Google Calendar to see what the club is up to and to find our intro and/or demo dances.

Note to our current students: If you missed a class, you can see what was taught by looking at the Details of that night’s event.

Note: Some calendar events have links to the event flyer in the event description. Clicking on “More Details” for the event will make it clickable so you don’t have to copy/paste.

Other Clubs

You can join or visit other clubs within the straight square dance community if you’d like to get more practice or just have fun! Several other clubs in the area will also be teaching beginners.

Regional Dances:

For local straight events, consult the EOSARDA calendar.


Gay Conventions

Houston, We Have A Promenade – Houston, Texas – July 2-4, 2021

Twin City Spin – Minneapolis, Minnesota – May 27-29, 2022

Ottawa 2023 – Ottawa, Ontario – July 5-8, 2023