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Zoom North a Success

The first (and last) ever Zoom North to the Capital virtual fly-in was held online via Zoom Meeting on Saturday, September 19, 2020 and was very well attended.

We counted 76 participants at one point but we know that many were present with their significant others so the actual number of attendees is probably closer to 90.

A rousing bingo game was called by Mz Horizon and some awesome virtual square dancing was called by Darren Gallina.

But also included in the program was a costume contest (theme: Zoo North) as well as a short retrospective video clip featuring archive photos and video footage of the Ottawa Date Squares’ early days and interviews with club members. A virtual walk down memory lane that left everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy.

We would like to thank All Join Hands Canada for providing prizes. They are a registered charity that helps promote square dancing in the gay community. Please give generously if you can.

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who helped organize this fabulous event!

Don’t forget to register for the real Veer North to the Capital 2021 fly-in. You won’t want to miss this amazing dancing opportunity!

Zoom North Intro Clip

Retrospective Video

Full Live Stream of Zoom North 2020

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